WIFI CAR General Rental Conditions


These general conditions regulate the contractual relationship between WIFI RENT A CAR S.L. hereinafter (“the Lessor “) and the client (” the Tenant “), by virtue of which the former assigns to the latter the use of a vehicle by the minimum term of one day (24 hours), meeting the validity and duration of this contract indicated on the cover of particular conditions, the price and other conditions. The Landlord reserves the right to withdraw the vehicle from the Tenant and take the contract and power of attorney for granted. request damages in case it violates any point of these general conditions.


The Hirer agrees to use and drive the vehicle in compliance with the regulations of the Traffic Code valid at the time of leasing thereof and according to the specifications of use of the vehicle type leased It is mandatory that the Tenant always carry his copy of the rental agreement with him during the duration of it The Lessee must keep the identification stickers and license plates of the Landlord in the leased Vehicle. regulations of some Municipalities and Municipal Ordinances, the document must be placed in a visible place. deliver to show that the Vehicle is rented, if it fails to fulfill this obligation must assume such penalty. The Lessor is not responsible for any item forgotten by the Lessee in the Vehicle. In the event that the Landlord had to send some object found in the vehicle will charge a minimum of € 15 for shipping management the objects in addition to the costs of their delivery, which will be fully assumed by the Renter. In case of use of the vehicle for the transport of minors of stature equal to or less than 135 centimeters, the Tenant must be provided with child restraint systems suitable for each age group and place them in the vehicle in accordance with current traffic regulations. The Tenant must also check the adequacy, use and placement in the vehicle of child restraint systems. The Landlord does not assume responsibility for the lack of use, installation, checking, incorrect use of the mandatory retention device.


The rental price includes a standard cleaning of the vehicle, however, in case the vehicle requires a special cleaning (in Check-In the vehicle is delivered with spots in upholstery, seats or ceiling that must be used specific products or specific cleaning machines for this, or the exterior paint needs to be polished by stains or corrosive products) the Landlord will be obliged to charge an additional € 80 to the Renter.


The vehicle can only be used on public roads. It is prohibited to use the vehicle in the following assumptions:

a) Driving the vehicle on unauthorized or unpaved roads, or whose condition could pose a risk of damage to the vehicle;

b) Participate with the vehicle in races, competitions or challenges of any nature;

c) Use the vehicle for conducting driving practices;

d) Use the vehicle for resistance tests of materials, accessories or products for automobiles;

e) Use the vehicle in case of risk, in particular, to illuminate the alarm lamps of the control panel;

f) Transport people through consideration;

g) Committing criminal acts with the vehicle, even if said act is only considered criminal in the place of commission;

h) Driving the vehicle at the disadvantage of physical conditions, motivated by alcohol, drugs, fatigue or illness;

i) Use the vehicle to push or tow other vehicles or any other object;

j) Transport toxic, flammable and generally dangerous substances and / or those that infringe the provisions current legal

k) Transport the rental vehicle on board any type of boat, train, truck or plane, unless expressly authorized in writing by the Landlord;

l) Circulate through prohibited places.

m) It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the vehicle.

n) In case of transport of merchandise, the Lessee is obliged to distribute and fix in a safe and correct manner the goods transported in the Vehicle. In particular, it is forbidden to the Tenant to assign, sublet, rent, mortgage, pledge, sell or in any way give as guarantee both the vehicle and the rental agreement, the keys of the same, the documentation, the equipment, the tools and / or accessories thereof and / or any other part or piece thereof; or treat the above in a way that cause damage to the Landlord.

5.- DELIVERY (Check-out) RETURN (Check-In) and RENTAL PERIOD.

The Check-Out (delivery) and Check-In (return) will be made in the offices of the Landlord where the Contract was signed or other place designated by the Landlord and at the times indicated in it, with all the equipment that the vehicle carries (documents, accessories, tools) the Renter is prohibited from any type of modification or repair in the vehicle without prior authorization from the Lessor. The Landlord will allow the Renter to return it in a different office only in some authorized and reflected cases in the contract and adding an economic bonus between (60 and 280 €) depending on the distance of the office chosen for make the return, prices that will show them to the Renter before choosing this option. The Landlord grants a courtesy period of 58 minutes, counted from the date and time of the return of the Vehicle, for the return (Check-in) taking a penalty the return delay of the vehicle of € 35 per day plus the cost of the corresponding rate of the corresponding rent. In the event that the vehicle was abandoned you would be charged € 190 plus the costs incurred by the recovery of the vehicle Making the return (Check-In) before finalizing the contract does not entitle the Lessee to return it the proportional part of the rent thereof. The Landlord reserves the right to change the vehicle upon notice to the Tenant for another of similar characteristics for reasons of having to do some revision or maintenance of it. The Renter will be responsible for 100% of the payment of the repairs and expenses incurred to the Vehicle in case of breakdown or accident outside the agreed rental period


The Tenant may extend the rental period signed in contract upon request to the Landlord, via email, and have the favorable response from the Landlord. The Lessee must make the deposit of the deposit and the payment for the new rental period.


The Tenant and the additional drivers must have a driving license in force at the C.E.E., be older than 19 years and present European DNI or passport in force. Drivers from outside the European Union must present a valid international card. The Landlord reserves the express faculty to refuse the rental of the vehicle in the assumption that the Tenant or the person indicated by the same as driver does not duly prove holder of a valid and valid driving license at the time of formalizing the rental agreement. The vehicle can only be conducted by the Tenant, or those persons designated in the lease, provided they are over 19 years of age respectively depending on the vehicle to be leased and whose driving licenses have the required seniority according to the vehicle group to be leased. Regarding drivers under 21 years of age age specific charges will apply. It will be the responsibility of the Renter that any additional driver is in possession of a driving license in force and valid for the countries in which the vehicle is used. Both Tenant as all additional drivers will be jointly and severally liable for the obligations assumed by the Tenant in the contract: damages, losses or claims that may arise from the lease. When the authorities require the Landlord to identify the driver who has committed an infringement and not could make the identification of the driver, the Lessee will be responsible for the payment of any fine or sanction committed during the rental period. Driving licenses valid in Spain are considered to be those issued conformity with the Spanish legislation or by the member states of the European Union for other countries that were recognized as valid. Valid international permission. The Lessee will respond personally and severally for the people who drive the vehicle during the lease. The Renter must inform the Lessor about any fine imposed on the Vehicle or the driver during the rental period. The Landlord will always charge as notification and management of notification of fines € 35 per sanction interposed to the Tenant. The payment of the fines is not included in any of the coverages from which can hire. In case the authorities retain the Vehicle by an act or omission on the part of the Tenant, be it Whatever the cause, the latter shall be liable and indemnify the Lessor for all expenses and loss of profits incurred by such a reason.


Contract prices are defined according to the General Tariff Valuation that is available to the public in the offices, web page of the Landlord or other means that the Landlord considers, whose content the Tenant You must first know before making this Contract. The prices will take into account the vehicle model and kind of contract that is signed between the Parties. All prices will be indicated in Euros (€). The price of fuel It will be evaluated at the time of signing the contract due to the variation thereof. The rates established by the Landlord are valued in Euros (€). All the prices of our rates include the Value Added Tax (I.V.A) at 21%. The Landlord waives the payment of any other tax or duty than any state, autonomous or local authority may impose on the duration of the contract. We do not accept payment in any case cash of any currency other than the Euro.


The Vehicle is delivered to the Tenant in perfect conditions and must be kept in the same condition, not being able to make any modification in the same or repairs in workshop or replacement of spare parts without prior express authorization and in writing from the Landlord. No repair costs will be paid to the Landlord unless prior consent and acceptance in writing.


All our rental rates include the Obligatory Insurance, Auto Theft and Complementary coverage. of Civil Liability for damages and losses to third parties arising from the use and circulation of the vehicle, Tenant must cover, if applicable, by credit card the security deposit of the selected vehicle .a) Standard Coverage CDW (WIFI BASIC) Includes the coverage of Compulsory Insurance, Automobile Theft and Civil Liability Complementary, entailing a damage exemption whose value depends on the category of the contracted vehicle. The Landlord will make a lock in the credit card provided by the Lessee that will vary from € 290 to € 2,000, depending on the type of vehicle, Type of office and type of Tenant. If the Lessee returns the Vehicle in the same conditions in which it picked up, we will proceed to the return of the blocked amount. b) PREMIUM WIFI coverage (exempts the franchise in sheet metal, painting and theft) Includes all the coverages mentioned above and in addition: -Days in sheet metal and paint -Stole The cost of this coverage is € 13 / day with a maximum of € 300 per rental. The guarantee deposit for coverage WIFI PREMIUM is € 120 c) IRA. Insurance Roadside Assistance. The hiring of this Coverage includes Crane, vehicle replacement, moons. The cost of this Coverage is € 3 / day d) PREMIUM MAX WIFI coverage. Includes all the coverages mentioned above and in addition: -Unlimited mileage -Free WIFI -Body days -Mirrors and moons – Covers and Tires -Gest fines The cost of coverage WIFI PREMIUM MAX is € 17 Day to if the duration of the contract lasts more than a day and the amount maximum to pay is 350 per rental. This coverage exempts from the franchise payment. When the rent is one day the The price of this coverage is € 35. If you do not hire the WIFI PREMIUM MAX coverage and return the rental vehicle with damages, you must pay the damage plus the workshop and damage management costs.

To consult the damage matrix, click here.


No coverage covers in any case the personal effects left, stored or transported in the vehicle. For the
– Punctures
– Damage to third parties due to negligence or inappropriate driving.
– Damage caused by refueling an inappropriate fuel. (The Landlord must pay all the workshop expenses and
crane and other possible that derive from the error for the repair thereof)
– Damage to the locks
– Damage to the upholstery or interior of the vehicle and / or the rear tray.
– Damage or loss of the antennas, jack, safety triangles, vests and / or fuel tank cap.
– Damage to the engine due to negligence.
– Damage to the underside of the vehicle.
– Misuse of the clutch.
– Theft of the vehicle with the keys on.
– Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or any substance prohibited for driving
– Fines of speed and parking during the rental period are the sole responsibility of the driver of the vehicle
– Natural catastrophes or wars
– Terrorist acts, social revolts, riots, riots, actions of the armed forces of the state.
-Accident or paralysis of the Vehicle due to crimes or infractions carried out with it

VEHICLE (theft or acts of vandalism)

a. Report what happened to the competent authority immediately.
b. Complete a friendly part of an accident in the event that the authorities do not take the pertinent steps
indicating at least the registration number, the name and address of the opposing party as well as the name of the
insurer and, the policy number.
c. Describe the accident and, if applicable, write down the name of the witnesses.
d. Do not prejudge or acknowledge any responsibility for the accident.
and. Do not abandon the vehicle without taking the appropriate measures to protect it from damage, leaving it closed without disturbing
to the traffic and guarded by the authorities or in the corresponding deposit in case of being removed by the crane.
F. Immediately report the loss to the Landlord.
In the event of an accident or criminal act, the contract shall be deemed to have concluded between the two parties the Landlord and
Lessee. The Landlord may claim for the management of the accident or accident or the
claim of damages suffered to the vehicle. The Lessor may offer you a new vehicle subject to availability, under
the current and current conditions at the indicated time.
They are examples for informative purposes of criminal acts or vandalism committed against the Vehicle
● Theft or theft of the Vehicle or any part or exterior or interior parts of the Vehicle such as wheels,
tires or seats.
● Robbery with force causing damage to the windows or body of the vehicle or locks
● Vandalism against the Vehicle.
The above list is written for exemplary purposes, it does not limit the list of what these acts are


In case of the loss of some element such as antenna, wheel complements, jack, tools, vest,
documentation of the vehicle or keys of the same will be charged the costs to the tenant at the price stipulated by the
authorized dealer depending on the category of the vehicle, plus an additional cost charged to the lessee of € 30.00
for the management.


Depending on the characteristics of the lease and the type of office one of the following will apply
i.- FULL / Reimbursable: The lessee must pay at the beginning of the rental the amount of the value of the fuel and the services
of established refueling. Reimbursement will be made for the remaining amount of fuel in the tank according to the
score at eight eighths, minus the management costs set at € 24.
ii.- FULL / Full: The landlord is obliged to deliver the fuel tank of the vehicle full, collecting a deposit for the
value of the fuel and the refueling service, for its part the lessee is also obliged to return it full,
the landlord returning the deposit for the fuel and the refueling service. In the event that the tenant
will deliver the vehicle with less amount of fuel will be charged refueling service of € 24 plus liters
missing until reaching 100% of the deposit
iii FULL / Same: The lessor will deliver the vehicle to the lessee with a certain amount of fuel provided
less than 100% of the deposit. The lessor undertakes to deliver the vehicle with the same level of fuel as when
It was delivered to him. In the event that the tenant will deliver the vehicle with less amount of fuel WIFI rent car
reserves the right to charge the refueling service of € 24 plus the remaining liters until the deposit level is reached
on the delivery date
KM. if the option chosen was FULL / FULL


In the leases carried out in Spain, the movement of the vehicle from the peninsula to the islands is forbidden and
vice versa and / or between the islands, as well as to Ceuta and Melilla and leave Spain all this unless expressly authorized in writing
by the Landlord, with a cost of € 30 for crossing the borders only in cases authorized by the Landlord and
reflected in the contract.
It is prohibited to embark the vehicle to Africa or circulate in said continent, informing the landlord that some of the
Our vehicles are equipped with geolocators to avoid possible acts not agreed in the contract.


In the event that the Landlord hires the WIFI PREMIUM MAX coverage, the Mileage is unlimited in any of the
countries and territories contracted.
In the Balearic and Canary Islands it is unlimited per rental period. The rest of territories: 300 Km per day within the period
for rent, with a maximum of 3,000 km per contract. Only if the km is exceeded having finalized the Contract
will charge an extra of € 0.35 per Km, VAT included.


They are optional, subject to availability:
to. Delivery / home delivery from € 40.00 / Event
b. GPS € 5 / day, Max € 50 (€ 50 deposit)
c. Stroller (stroller) € 5 / day Max € 50
d. Baby Seat / Infant Seat / Maxicosi: € 5.00 / day Max € 50
and. Map € 2


All contracted services will be paid in advance by credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD), debit or
cash in our facilities. If you wish to pay in cash, you must pre-authorize a bond valued at 100%
regarding the franchises and established conditions. If you contract the WIIFI PREMIUN MAX coverage, you will not have to leave
I deposit in franchises in most cases. The deposit and the franchise will only be made by credit card
provided to the Landlord by the Tenant as the owner of the same or additional drivers that
appear and sign in the Contract. The return of the franchise and Bail or Preauthorization can range between 14 and 31 days
depending on the bank used. Only VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards are accepted, not including any
overload on them.
By signing the contract, the tenant authorizes the landlord to impute to his credit / debit card the
costs that may arise in connection with the rental contract, during, before and after the duration of the contract as
gasoline expenses, damages that have not been discovered in the return of the vehicle, fines or management of the same ,,
motorway tolls or other charges that would have occurred during the rental period and not charged to the return of the
vehicle (Check-In).


This contract is drafted in Spanish and will be governed by Spanish legislation that results from
For any matter related to the breach, execution or interpretation of this contract, they will be
competent courts and Spanish Courts.


Cancellations must be made in writing to the following email address reservas@wifirentcar.com before 72
hours of the date and time of the collection of the vehicle, being free if it is notified and confirmed cancellation of
reservation via email. In the rest of the cases we will not refund any amount for the canceled reservation.


We have the lowest claim rate in the sector so it is important for us to know your opinion. Yes
you want to make some suggestions about the improvement of our services we put at your disposal in the mail
electronic customerservice@wifirentcar.com. The Tenant may request a copy of the general conditions
that govern this contract in Spanish and this will be stated in the other versions that we have translated into other languages,
the Landlord can inquire in our offices of the available languages. In case of discrepancies the
version that has value and dirime is the one written in Spanish.